The Musical Fountain

1) The fountain was built in 1963 and has been an appeal of Grand Haven ever since. Whether you are simply touring the area or have lived here you whole life, the Musical Fountain is always beautifully one of a kind.

2) It costs you nothing. Take a date, kids, family, or friends down for a 20 minute show. Don’t want to drive? Bike paths follow across the drawbridge as well as all the through the down town.


3) When the fountain was first created, it was the largest one in the entire world. That’s something to see. Now, Las Vegas takes the title for largest fountain, but they have nothing on our atmosphere.

4) Not only does it include water and color changing lights, but each showing has a variety of music. You can even watch it from your car, and listen on 88.7 FM.

5) For more reasons why the Musical Fountain is a must, and more amazing events, check out the Grand Haven Area website.

Musical Foutain