fourthofjulyFourth of July night typically yields a time of celebration, backyard barbeques, and who could forget the grand Firework displays. In our lakeshore community it’s common to find locals and tourists boating down the Grand River out to the depths of Lake Michigan for the day, later anchoring to watch the Grand Haven fireworks lit from atop Dewey Hill. After a typical celebration on the Grand River, the situation became much different for one group of Muskegon residents attempting to return home. The large group of family and friends got lost in the dark, ran out of gas and quickly became grounded in the river’s Lloyd Bayou. With the help of one thirteen year old girl, and her brave efforts the Coast Guard was able to rescue all fifteen passengers aboard (read the full Grand Haven Tribune article here).

After search and rescue took most of the night the boaters were transported safely to our property to recover. Our staff and security team helped assist the Coast Guard providing a triage area for the boaters who had been exposed to the elements for several hours with blankets, snacks, coffee and hot chocolate. Our team was ready to ensure first responders had supplies and full access to the facilities to quickly render vital care. Due to their respect, selfless receiving villagededication and generosity our staff was recognized by the Grand Haven Coast Guard Sector Lake Michigan and was present with the You Make The Difference Award from the Village of Spring Lake.

We’re very proud of our staff, and are pleased we were able to assist those in their time of need. We’d like to thank the Village of Spring Lake for their support and recognition along with the Grand Haven Coast Guard for their continued efforts to keep our waters safe.