The Grand Haven area is full of activities, festivals, and events throughout the summer. The lakeshore is the perfect place to spend those warm Michigan summers, and with something new and different going on each week, there is always something that will satisfy anyone’s interests. Here are a few of the most popular events that happen each year that will inevitably draw people from all over the state and further!


  • 26th Annual Great Lakes Kite Festival – May 16th-18th 2014:

Great Lakes Kite Festival

At the beginning of the summer you can attend the Great Lakes Kite Festival which is an annual event that draws in kite enthusiasts from near and far. It’s also a great
event for families to just come and watch others fly kites or participate in the many events going on along the Lake Michigan beach. Besides being a great place to go fly a kite, there are many events that take place during the weekend of the festival. You will be able to see things like:

• ‘Kite Ballet’ put on by professional kite flyers throughout the weekend.
• ‘Kite Testing’ where you can test new models from the top manufacturers.
• ‘Kiteboarding Demonstrations’ where experienced kiteboarders will show off their skills in this rapidly growing sport.

  • Coast Guard Festival July 25-August 3 2014:

Coast Guard Festival happens right in the middle of summer and is one of the most popular events in West Michigan during this time. Thousands of people from all over flock to the Grand Haven area to experience everything the Coast Guard Festival has to offer. From the carnival full of rides and games that shuts down Washington Avenue for the week, to the tours of the Coast Guard ships that are parked in the channel, there is something for everyone. Not to mention the amazing fireworks display put on at the end of the week every year. This is definitely a must-see event!

Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival


  • ArtWalk September 24 – October 12, 2014:

Grand Haven Artwalk

ArtWalk happens towards the end of the summer and is the perfect event for those who are interested in the art community. Each year, artists enter their work to be displayed in businesses and community buildings around Grand Haven for the public to see and interact with. The public and jury then have a chance to vote for their favorite pieces in a number of different categories. Other events that take place during ArtWalk include street parties, free food, live music, and wine tasting. ArtWalk has all the makings of a perfect summer event.

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