oldmichcityThe New Buffalo Light was an interesting find as it’s not a traditional lighthouse used for harbor navigation, but rather used as a recognizable landmark adding beauty to the beachfront. The actual New Buffalo lighthouse was controversial and didn’t serve much of a purpose, so this replica stands in its place…defiantly acting as a distinctive attraction to New Buffalo, Michigan. Next we headed to Michigan City Indiana, looking for the Old Michigan City Light and Michigan City East Pier and Breakwater Lights. The area is surrounded by a marina and coast guard station making it impossible to walk out to, let alone see the Michigan City East Pier, however with our eagle eyes and zoom camera lens we were able to spot the light and take a few pictures; disappointed we couldn’t walk out to the light or find the Old Michigan City Light we headed out only to argue about which direction to turn. This same argument then led us to a parking lot next door where we turned to


realize the Old Michigan City light was right beside us! So we took a picture out the window and headed in the direction we originally decided to take, day one and another win-win for the books.

Next we headed to Gary, Indiana and for those of you who have either traveled the area or live there know exactly what we were headed into. For those of you who haven’t, congratulations, you’re not missing much. Steel factories line the shoreline, coal plants and trains border those, and everywhere else is a sad decaying city. We took the challenge on, and taking every side street (with doors locked) in an attempt to make it out to see the Gary Breakwater Light and Buffington Breakwater Light. Well, you know what they say…the best laid plans. We couldn’t access the lights due to all these shoreline factories so we continued on only to run into more obstacles blocking our view of the Indiana Harbor East Breakwater Light. Feeling defeated we headed to our hotel in Chicago, where we were more than ready to explore the city for dinner!


Little Goat DinerArriving at the hotel the front desk agent gave us a list of restaurants as well as a map and set us free. We attempted to hit the Haymarket Brewery and Pub. Keep in mind this was Saturday Night, so the line was forever long, the staff didn’t seem that pleased to see us, so with hungry stomachs we were quick to move on. Another block down the road we found the Little Goat Diner, another suggestion from the front desk agent. The staff was more pleasant, so we took the minimal wait time only to be seated a few minutes later. The atmosphere was buzzing, the food rather delicious and with that our first day was in the books.

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