South Haven #LighthouseRoadtrip

Learning from our last tour, we found traveling by coordinates to be best…however, one digit off and it landed us nowhere near the Kalamazoo River Light in Saugatuck…so we’ll have to save that trip for a better day.

Hailing from Grand Haven, we can’t help but be a fan of a nice catwalk and with that we felt right at home stepping onto the South Haven Pier. Taken well care of by the Historical Association of South Haven, the catwalk is laced with uniquely curved lights and a vibrant black and red color scheme. We were joined by fellow lighthouse enthusiasts and locals walking the pier, curious to see its latest condition from the polar vortex. While parts were covered in snow and ice, we bared the icy winds, took a few pictures and continued on to St. Joseph North Pier Inner and Outer Lights.  The St. Joseph Pier Lights have had quite a few iconic winter pictures, so we were excited to see the beauty for ourselves. While most of the snow and ice had melted, we still found the maritime beauty in its unique structure and worn exterior.

And with that we were on to the next…

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