Holland Michigan - Lighthouse TourWell, six lighthouses down and two hundred miles later we’ve completed day one of our “spring” Lighthouse Tour, traveling from Grand Haven, Michigan south through Michigan City, Indiana and Holland Lighthouseover to Chicago,Illinois. The tour will continue over the next week taking the Spring Lake Holiday Inn duo through Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, taking them all the way around Lake Michigan.

The first lighthouse stop was in Holland our southern neighbor “Big Red”. The lighthouse is easy to find and offers a scenic drive down Lakeshore Drive offering glimpses of Lake Michigan over the properties of gorgeous shoreline homes. Arriving at the park families and couples joined us in an afternoon stroll, bearing the cold winds. Parts of the walkway were covered with snow/slush from the indecisive Michigan weather. The breakwater light was surrounded by ice, allowing those daring enough a higher vantage point with a pretty steep drop off to the cold waters below. While taking cautious steps, we climbed halfway up for a shot over the icy waters and quickly back down to the concrete path…and on to the next!


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