Outdoor wedding Grand Haven
Outdoor weddings have the opportunity to be some of the most beautiful and unique weddings that you can plan. However, things can get confusing when you are doing something different and unique. We put together a short list of tips that will help make sure you have the best outdoor wedding possible.

  1. Make sure people know what to wear: It’s a outside, but it’s a wedding. This can get confusing for people to know exactly what to wear. Don’t let them guess and make you blame them, simply include in the invitation whether or not your wedding is going to be a formal, semi-formal, or informal event.

  2. Rent a tent:. Even though we know your wedding day is going to have the most perfect weather we have seen all season, make sure you have a tent or canopy. It is better to have one and not need it then to be stuck without one. Even if you don’t need it for weather, this can be a great place for people to get a break from the sun.

  3. Light up the place: Make sure you have enough light. Once it gets dark outside candles aren’t going to cut it. You want to make sure your guests can dance the night away and see where they are walking and who they are talking with. We recommend hanging lanterns or lights above your tables and possibly some tiki torches scattered around the perimeter. This will make your reception both beautiful and functional.

  4. Keep the bugs out: Once the sun goes down, the bugs may come out. Keep them away from your guests by using citronella candles at each table, use bug repellent torches, or offer bug spray or wipes at the reception for people to use as needed.

  5. Kick your shoes off: Having your wedding outside gives your guest the opportunity to dance the night away barefoot. You can even encourage it more by setting out inexpensive flip flops for your guests to take so the can be more comfortable. This is a personalized touch and something people will remember about your wedding.

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