Day Two – Lighthouse Tour: Frankfort North Breakwater Light

Arcadia Scenic OverlookMoving north we couldn’t help but to stop at the Arcadia Scenic Overlook. Pulling into the roadside parking, we got out tmemolo face the stairs with 100 vertical feet of climbing.  The overlook gives a spectacular view from atop the bluff looking out across Lake Michigan and the Caribbean blue waters. While our feet remained tired; we were reminded once again why we set out on the lighthouse tour climbing back down the stairs and off to Frankfort North Breakwater Light.

Upon arrival the area proved to be well groomed and a welcoming area for tourists and locals to hit the beach. With it being one of the warmest days of our trip we took full advantage of walking out to the end of the pier, a short distance from the parking lot. We were not the only ones, as many others had taken it upon themselves to sit on the many benches that lined the paved sidewalks leading to the light, making the area highly accessible. As we began walking, you can definitely get a sense that the community loves and support’s it’s lighthouse, with residential areas lining the beach with lkmichlight replicas. The pier itself is wide at land but narrows as you make your way to the boxy looking light. Frankfort’s North Breakwater light was by far one of the most interesting shaped lighthouses with four very defined sides and evidence of a catwalk. After taking a few pictures and admiring the obvious wear from extended abuse, we started walking back, only to pass a couple with one of the coolest shirts we’ve yet to see. The couple had heavy accents, with large cameras hanging from the strap around their necks. The man had a gray shirt that said Road Trip with a little Michigan mitten in the letter “O”. We knew we had to get our hands on these shirts before continuing any further. When we asked the couple where they had purchased the shirts they were very friendly and said they had purchased the shirts at a small shop in Harbor Springs. Luckily we’re headed in that direction, so we said our goodbyes and hit the road, now on a new mission.