Day One – Lighthouse Tour: Pentwater South Pierhead


Pentwater South Pierhead


With Pentwater being a popular fishing town along the coast of Lake Michigan the pier guides boats through the channel and into Pentwater Lake. Closing in on the Pentwater South Pierhead, the road loops around giving you a view of the structure. Due to the convenience of the drive and type of light we didn’t walk out to it, but rather took a couple pictures out the window…adventurous I know; however, the pictures provided are from a site we visited often for hints of what we were looking for and coordinates to get there. While our own pictures were taken my phone decided to implode later on in the trip losing the valuable memories I had collected along the way.

Tip # 134: Be cautious of plugging your phone into cheap car chargers. Power surges can inflate your battery and fry your motherboard, two months out from contract renewal.

Luckily Molly, head chauffeur of the trip took a lot of pictures too, other than in this particular case in which she was circling around the end of the drive. So the trip continues and so does the lighthouse adventure leading us on to Ludington next!

Photo courtesy of Lighthouse Friends.




Post written by Kendra Higgins
Marketing Director of Holiday Inn Spring Lake
Lighthouse Hopping Extraordinaire