Day One – Lighthouse Tour: Little Sable Point Lighthouse


Little Sable Point LighthouseThe winding roads continued as we headed towards Silver Lake Sand Dunes on the search for Little Sable Point Lighthouse. The roads and signage are easily navigable leading us to the hundred foot tall brick enclosed lighthouse. Approaching the light (on their newly paved path) we were greeted by the friendly volunteers from the Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association who welcomed us to climb 130 stairs leading to the top (for a small $3 donation). The spiral staircase has several landing spots with windows looking out upon the State Park parking lot, dunes and cold waves of Lake Michigan. Once to the top another volunteer greeted us filled with an expansive collection of information on the structure and surrounding area. The facts were truly fascinating as it was explained to us that the bulb in that particular lighthouse was only 250 watts and that it’s actually the surrounding prism that magnifies the light, which were commonly made in France. Boats also knew where they were in Lake Michigan based on how many seconds the light was visible as it spun, not necessarily based on the color of the light or lighthouse. Stepping out to the edge of the surrounding balcony the views beyond the shoreline displayed a gorgeous Caribbean blue lake. Michigan is KNOWN for all this water, but the clarity of it throughout our trip continued to amaze us. The steps back down are a doozy as there is no center rail, and I of course chose to where boots with a small heel commonly sliding in the holes of the grated stairs.

Tip Number #124: Don’t wear heels EVER, on a lighthouse tour…even if your boots are “cute”!

As we exited the structure the same volunteers that welcomed us, saw us off with a sticker proving our impressive feat of victory! If you’re in the area looking to ride across the mounds of dunes, we also recommend stopping out to visit the lighthouse.


For more pictures of our visit click here: Little Sable Point Lighthouse Pictures
For more information on the organization working to keep the lights maintained please visit the Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association Website.


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Post written by Kendra Higgins
Marketing Director of Holiday Inn Spring Lake
Lighthouse Hopping Extraordinaire