Day One – Lighthouse Tour: Muskegon South Pier and Breakwater Light

The lighthouse tour begins; if you missed out on what we’re up to check out this great article by the Grand Haven Tribune!

Muskegon South Pier and Breakwater LightWe only had to travel a short distance to reach our first lighthouse on the list. One luxury of living on the lakeshore is the ability to travel for short periods of time to reach a variety of these magnificent beacons. While signage to the lighthouse itself is virtually absent, the Muskegon South Pier and Breakwater Light are easily accessible and visible from the parking area provided. The area is called Pier Marquette with the beach extending to the east of the lighthouse and a dog friendly beach area extending just beyond that. There is a clearly paved path out to the breakwater light which many visitors and locals were walking during the time of our visit. The lights have gone through many changes while withstanding the wear and tear from Lake Michigan, yet have also helped guide many ships through the channel into Muskegon Lake. To aid in preservation The Muskegon South Pierhead and Breakwater Light were transferred to the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy in 2010 with the hopes of opening it up to the public for tours.

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