Holiday Inn Spring Lake Manger Outing

Our small family of managers, joined by our significant others gliding across Lake Michigan on our trip back to the Holiday Inn.


As we finish out the last few weeks before Labor Day, it was finally time for our executive managers to get out of the office and enjoy the sunshine. Believe it or not we work hard behind the scenes making sure our guests are well fed, entertained, and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, all in an effort to make sure your business travel or vacation is exactly what it’s meant to be. While our executive team is thought to be stuck behind a desk answering phone calls and responding to emails  you’ll often find us helping across multiple departments making beds, seating guests, planning weddings, and participating in community activities… a true ongoing cycle during the summer season. So when the opportunity for a boat ride across Lake Michigan emerged we made room in our schedules to enjoy the trip together and relax!