SLHS_2013Holiday Inn has worked with several programs over the years, but the partnership with Spring Lake High School over the past ten years has continued to be a success. Students with disabilities are transported to Holiday Inn for a two hour session performing tasks such as bed making and folding, dish washing, kitchen prep, and maintenance tasks acting as an extension of the in-class room learning. “We sometimes feel we are the ones with the disability, because they come in each week ready and willing to do anything and everything with a healthy attitude, open mind and the motivation to achieve the expectations they set for themselves,” states  Executive Housekeeper, Pat Perry. Pat heads the program with Spring Lake High School Teacher, Sandy Baker to make sure the program is beneficial to the students. The partnership shared between organizations is not only a benefit for the students but for the district as well, as we offer such a wide variety of employment opportunities, giving the children the real-world experience they need to succeed. Today was the students last day for the season, and though we were a great team, we are happy to see them moving on. We wish you all the best of luck!