toddslawn2013From dried out river flats and abandoned docks to flooding and weeks of rain, Michigan’s weather continues to throw us for a loop! With our own great lawn absorbing more water than it can handle, and the Grand Rivers edge creeping up along the sea wall, we’ve had to keep a watchful eye. In the mean time a few of our employees have taken on challenges of their own with lawns, crawl spaces and basements filling up. Luckily, we have quite a few employees here at the Holiday Inn Spring Lake, and we’ve been working hard on new team building exercises to improve our communication and efficiency. When an emergency strikes on property or off, our team turns from hard working business professionals to your close family. Today our team divided and conquered, assisting  in pumping out water, providing heaters and cleaning out basements. It’s nice to see the staff helping each other out in a time of need, and team work being established before the summer season. Great job!