Our Executive Housekeeper, Pat Perry has been an employee at our property for 40 years today! The property opened in 1969 with Pat gaining a position as a housekeeper on April 4, 1973. She worked her way up to a supervisor, securing the position of executive housekeeper in 1998. Pat has seen it all, with multiple owners, name changes, and our continuing affiliation with Holiday Inn. As you can imagine her stories are entertaining as ever, her entire housekeeping staff and management team adore her and she is continuing to dedicate her time to the Grand Haven Spring Lake Holiday Inn. When asked if retirement is in her future, she replies not for awhile. With that said, we have plans in the works for her 50th anniversary!

Today we surprised Pat with t-shirts specially made in which all the staff working today wore, cupcakes, a new plant for her desk, and a special two night stay at the Little River Casino! She had no idea it was coming, as the moment of surprise unfolded and each of the staff members thanked her for her hard work. Check out the YouTube Video here! It’s employees like Pat who have helped our property gain stability, shape new employees and who many aspire to. Again, we thank Pat and are looking forward to the next 10 years!


Special thanks to:

General Motivation Company – T-shirts

Treat Yourself Cupcakes – Cupcakes

Eastern Floral – Arrangement

Little River Casino – Overnight Getaway