Jack’s Waterfront Bistro + Bar is the only place you can sit along the banks of the Grand River yet explore the wine and cuisine of the Native Southwest! Indulge in a five course meal with wine pairings from Chicken Tortilla Soup all the way down to a Fried Ice Cream dessert. At only $45 per person, the experience makes for a great date night or evening with the girls. Gather with a group of friends, or make new ones with those seated around you as the atmosphere transforms. Chef Todd Riemersma, Executive Chef of Jack’s and Callie Bush, Co-Owner of East Village Wine Shoppe offer new ventures into unprecedented territory as a delicious meal is presented and factual information is shared.


If you were lucky enough to attend the first of the four part series, you were able to explore the depths of the Louisiana Bayou. With a taste of alligator and the decadent caramel pralines your taste buds experienced a wild ride. The room was beautifully decorated by the exceptional vendors, Eastern Floral and Envision 360 Events.  Each session allows these creatives to transport you into an unexplored world.


We invite you to come out and try the only experience of its kind in the Grand Haven area Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 7PM.


The table is set, come join us.


Eastern Floral

Envision 360 Events

East Village Wine Shoppe