There are many things I am thankful for-too many to list in this post, but as this will be shared on our Holiday Inn blog during the week of Thanksgiving-and we spend upwards of 2,000 hours a year with co-workers- I thought it would be a good time to share with you why I’m thankful for our Holiday Inn team. With a plethora of personalities (some, blessed with two or more) in our hotel, our team has a strong dedication and work ethic and give so much of themselves to make this place run smoothly on a daily basis, often giving up time with their own families to work on holidays, such as our famous ‘all hands on deck’ brunches on Thanksgiving, Easter and Mother’s Day. We’ve become a tight group in small spaces, and have learned to respect, accept and tolerate each other, often using humor as a powerful tool to clarify communication, laugh at ourselves and learn from our mistakes…you know, should anyone make any.

Many of us will be working the holidays this year and as we all know by now, we don’t have to like all the people we work with. But we can agree to disagree and maintain a sufficient level of integrity and respect for one another. Since we walk the same earth and share so much time away from our families every day- to provide for our families everyday- why not take responsibility for how we feel in our workplace and make a conscience choice to make the best of it. And it is a choice (remember the Eleanor Roosevelt quote “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”?). Most of the time we don’t have to dig too deep to rise above situations or look too far to find something we can learn from and something we can be grateful for.

I am also thankful for my amazing family and friends for their unconditional love and support, I’m thankful for my step son Conor, my boyfriend & best friend Jack and my lovey step kitty, June Carter Cash Leaver. And on a parting note- in the words of William A. Ward “God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you”?

May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving and hope to see you at our brunch! (We will ALL be there!:)

Vonni Loynd, Director of Sales