The Top of the B.O.B. Bridal Boutique occurred this past Saturday, and we were not only honored to be able to participate this year but also very excited! We were literally at the Top of the B.O.B. on the fourth floor known as the night club Eve. The space was totally transformed into an exceptional exhibit of the areas finest vendors. The bridal boutique took place on both the 3rd and 4th floor with approximately a hundred brides making their way to each vendor. Holiday Inn Spring Lake handed out a variety of trinkets from pins labeled Bride, lotion, and piggy banks to start saving your pennies with the Holiday Inn! The display itself was a huge hit with our backdrop made of Christmas ornaments. The attention was welcomed as an opportunity to inform the brides to be of what Holiday Inn Spring Lake and Jack’s on the Waterfront has to offer. At the end of the day the Banquet and Event Coordinator, Molly Tuma and Marketing Director, Kendra Higgins were very exhausted and glad to arrive back at home base, Holiday Inn.