This summer we were able to be part of the Unite4Insight program, allowing an area educator to job shadow someone in our business to help bring relevancy into the classroom. Kelli Heavilin from Spring Lake High School is a business teacher, and is introducing a new Marketing class during her third trimester. She worked with Kendra Higgins, the Marketing Director for 40 hours over the summer learning about Holiday Inn and Jack’s Restaurant’s marketing plan. Kelli tagged along on many ventures including a Charter Media seminar, a Wood TV eightWest taping, and even attended planning sessions for the newly established signature event, Glowing for Grand Haven. The Unite4Insite Program allowed us to build a continuing relationship where we can provide material to Kelli throughout the year to help her develop her Marketing Class. We’d like to thank the Tri-Cities Chamber, Future Prep, the Area School Districts and most of all Kelli, for allowing us this opportunity. We hope we can continue to work in the program as our property has so much to offer to the community.