The large Arf Walk Dogs sitting outside of Downtown Grand Haven businesses have stirred up a lot of interest from tourists as we receive questions daily regarding their cause. It also sparked the curiosity of hotel management earlier in the month, and days later the Holidog was born. The Holiday Inn Maintenance Department did it again at another community event, as they brought to the table their talent and craftsmanship in the Holiday Inn’s take on the Arf Walk project, Holidog.  To answer the questions many have brought up to our front desk staff, the Grand Haven Main Street Downtown Development Authority is putting on the Arf Walk project to follow up the success of last year’s rocket fish. At the end of the summer season businesses have the option of donating the dog back to the MSDDA for Grand Haven’s very own ArtWalk (much like the nationally recognized ArtPrize of Grand Rapids). It’s a must see for locals visiting the beautiful lakeshore town of Grand Haven and provides endless entertainment for adults and children alike who choose to partake in the variety of activities hosted in Grand Haven.


For more information on the project we encourage you to check out the MSDDA website or Facebook where you can witness various photos of all the Arf Walk Dogs!

Plan on visiting town at the end of September? Check out ArtWalk.

Take a picture with our Arf Walk Dog and post it to our Facebook, and you could find yourself the star of our website home page!