Holiday Inn Spring Lake - Marina Car Crash Holiday Inn Spring Lake offers a variety of amenities and has become well known for the weekly entertainment, comedy night on Thursdays, and Tiki Bar but hasn’t quite accomplished the addition of  a Lake Express. The night life is our main attraction but for the next few days we’ll be recognized for the morning excitement as well. A driver of a Toyota RAV4 backed into a front loader of crews who have been working to put in a new lane of bike path. The new addition is to help pedestrians avoid our parking lot traffic, in which case is looking better then ever. She then continued to put her vehicle into drive, avoid collision with two trees and crash on to a boat from the surrounding marina. One of our cooks, Lee and server Jill saw the accident and immediately offered assistance to the driver. The driver was disoriented as Jill helped her on to the dock calming her down after the incident. We applaud our employees as well as the crews who infiltrated our parking lot this morning to assist in clean up and wish the rest of you a safe morning commute!


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