Thanksgiving Weekend is the most heavily traveled weekend of the year, with an estimated 42 million people traveling this year.

We are thankful for the privilege of welcoming some of the 42 million people who are traveling this Thanksgiving Weekend and calling the Holiday Inn Spring Lake home for a few nights.

We are also thankful for the families who chose to create a memory by celebrating Thanksgiving here at our buffet.  One such family broke out in song and entertained the entire ballroom!  (Talk about a memory for those in the room!)

Our staff served up a traditional Thanksgiving feast for over 400 people.  Guests enjoyed tossed salad, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberries, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, seasonal vegetables and pumpkin pie, assorted fruit pies and chocolate mousse.

Hosting over 400 of our friends and family takes ALOT of prep work and time.  The kitchen staff began slicing, dicing, and chopping ingredients on Sunday for the Thursday festivities.  I was amazed at the time, effort and dedication to pull this feast off – not to mention the cramped hands from peeling 200 potatoes! (Poor Dennis! I’m sure this will be a not-soon-forgotten memory.)

Just for fun, after the last table departed, the crumbs settled and the mountains of pots, pans, and dishes were washed, we tallied what was served.

288 pounds of Turkey
152 pounds of Ham
200 pounds of Mashed Potatoes
140 pounds of Sweet Potatoes
115 pounds of Stuffing
50 pounds of Cranberries
And last but not least, 46 Pumpkin Pies


All I can say is… Wow, there were some very hungry people!   Personally, after a feast such as this, I am very thankful for control top pantyhose!

May this Thanksgiving weekend be the start of a festive season of celebration and continuing to create special memories for you and yours. – Trish Schroeder, Director of Sales & Marketing