In honor of Thanksgiving and the feast it entails we’ll have a week full of funny, thoughtful and just plain awesome blog posts. Check it out daily to see how our staff plans to “StayThankful”. To kick off the first installment of “StayThankful” our Director of Rooms and Revenue, Nathan Suchecki left us with “I’m Thankful for Sparty Sandwiches”.

I am thankful for my wonderful wife Angie, my two children and soon to be born child. I am thankful for my dog who treats our house as his own personal toilet! I am thankful that “Little Giants and Rocket” have provided images for me that will always make me smile, oh yeah and beating U of M four years in a row is nice! I’m thankful for the kitchen staff at the Holiday Inn making “Sparty Sandwiches” even though they are all Michigan fans. I am thankful for the Tri-Cities community and the wonderful people I am privileged to work with. I am thankful for all our guests and the many stories they have provided me over the years.      – Nathan Suchecki