This summer the Grand Haven • Spring Lake Waterfront Holiday Inn hosted multiple weddings, and it will continue on into the fall! September is packed with weddings and the Meoak’s destination wedding kicked off this month in a unique fashion. Chandeliers lined the tent with black chair covers and red sashes  and tablescaping provided by the Chair Cover Collection. Victorian print cloth covered the tables that Eastern Floral elegantly laced with a variety of floral arrangements. Grand Finale Desserts & Pastries provided the wedding cake, and Dance Tracks was there to provide the DJ service. If that doesn’t knock your socks off then this next part is sure to! Housed under the tent was a stage where Raggedy Ann laid down some 80s metal tunes. It was a great celebration and we truly want to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Meoak. We hope to have them back for many anniversaries to come.