Brad Boyink is all about bigger and better. Several years ago, the Christmas light display on his Spring Lake Township home became such a popular attraction that it overwhelmed his neighborhood. Long lines of cars waiting to see the display forced Boyink into a difficult decision to shut it down early.

This season’s shows for the public will begin Thursday night, Thanksgiving, and run through Dec. 26.

Boyink said he has invested $35,000 of his own money over the years. He said it will be the second-largest neighborhood Christmas light show in the nation behind Pickerington, Ohio.

While Boyink’s display has more lights, the Ohio show has more houses involved — 19 in all. It’s a technicality that has piqued Boyink’s competitive spirit.

“They only have 65,000 lights and 25 computers running it,” he said. “So, technically, mine is bigger.”

He’s also proud of the fact that the computers are running on a wireless network.

He keeps in touch with other holiday light enthusiasts across the country on a Web site. “There’s a lot of buzz going on in the industry about what I’ve done here,” he said.

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